FINTDAZ 2021 Application Bases


FINTDAZ 2021 Iquique – Tarapacá Region- Chile

The ANTIFAZ Theater Company, founded in the city of Iquique, Tarapacá Region, summons all the performing arts groups in the areas of Theater, Dance, Circus Arts and Music to the 14th INTERNATIONAL ANTIFAZ THEATER AND DANCE FESTIVAL / FINTDAZ 2021, To be held from May 01 to November 10, 2021, in the city of Iquique, Cities and Annexes of the Tarapacá Region–Chile.

Mixed Programming:

From May 01 to June 30 / From August 02 to September 30 / Programming on Digital Platform: / FINTDAZ TV and Associated Digital Media and / or Regional Open Signal TV Channels.

From November 02 to 10 – Presential Programming.

General objectives:

To encourage the annual realization of an event of Theater, Dance and Circus Arts, which is a real contribution to the City of Iquique, Tourist and Culturally in the Communal, Regional, National and International concert.
Promote interaction and exchange of experiences among participants, achieve understanding of the national and world historical moment in its complexity and implement the true values of cultural integration and advance towards the realization of a dynamic and permanent artistic circle of Regions adjacent and / or close to the Chilean North (Bolivia, Perú, Argentina) and other latitudes, granting knowledge and tools of the new existing methodologies in the field of theater and dance, making participants not only the artists attending the meeting, but also allow the artists residing in our commune or region have access to these training workshops, clinics, workshops, seminars or talks.


  1. All artistic groups that develop in the following disciplines may participate: Dance Contemporary, Dance Theater. Theater, Puppet Theater and / or Dolls and / or Puppets, Shadow Theater, Theatrical Musicals, Contemporary Circus, Theater Circus, Unipersonal and Other formats related to performing arts, Etc. That have a comprehensive show for children, youth, adults or Elderly.
  2. The samples or shows offered will be free themed.
  3. In relation to theatrical, musical (Theatrical), Children’s Works or Circus Shows of Room or Street, these  must have a minimum duration of 35 minutes and a maximum of 70 minutes.
  4. In the case of dance, in any of its lines and / or styles, its staging may not exceed, in no case, of the 60  minutes
  5. The scenic proposals must adapt to multiple scenarios (Rooms or Open Spaces / Works In-person).
  6. The Organizing Committee and the ANTIFAZ Theater Company will provide technical lighting equipment  and ad-hoc sound to the programmed scenic spaces, whose technical file of the place will be previously sent to  the selected group to take the necessary measures and adapt their assembly to the spaces scenic and  technical, where her work and / or show has been programmed.
  7. Companies may apply for 2 types of formats according to the number of members:
    • PRESENTIAL FORMAT (1 to 6 people including 1 technician and 1 director if necessary)

      Companies that exceed the number of people according to the postulated format must cover the  comprehensive attendance of the people who will not be subsidized by the festival (Face-to-Face Format). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the organization reserves the right to directly invite companies and / or groups  that exceed the maximum number of participants, as indicated in these bases.

  8. Tourists or minors will not be allowed, every member of the artistic organization attending the meeting  must clearly establish the role of each of its members in the attached Application Form (The festival reserves  the right to accept or not members and / or charges other than those indicated in these bases).
  9.  It is mandatory that each group come with their own lighting or sound technician, as appropriate to the  complexity and imperative need for the assembly, which must be considered within the maximum number of  attendees per group (point 7).
  10. The Organizing Committee will grant a single viatic (Refer to a Cache and / or Payment), according to  detail:
    • In-person Format Works: $ 400,000.- Taxes Included (Four Hundred Thousand Chilean Pesos, paid in  national currency – Chilean Pesos or its equivalent in dollars / Includes: Copyright, Exhibition Rights and Other  Rights). Face-to-face Works / Number of Possible Functions to be programmed from 1 to 3 Maximum.
    •  Digital Format Works: $ 300,000.- Taxes Included (Three Hundred Thousand Chilean Pesos, paid in national  currency – Chilean Pesos or its equivalent in dollars / Includes Copyrights, Exhibition Rights, Image Rights and  Others). Digital Format Works (Free transmission cycle during: 7 to 10 days). 
    • Technical Application Sheet (Attached to these bases)
    • Simple Declaration – Acceptance of the Base
    • Presentation Book or Dossier, Press Articles of the show offered (If any)
    • Attach 4 digitized photographs of the montage in good quality, maximum resolution (JPG  format in attached file – not inside the book)
    • Brief CV of the actors, director and trajectory of the company
    • Audiovisual record of the complete work: Full HD Recording, Good Sound (Required for both  application formats), you must place a direct link in the Application Form (Attached to the bases) to view the  work through Youtube, Vimeo or Other Platforms.
    • Teaser of the work of maximum 3 minutes, mandatory in a downloadable file (Required for both  application formats).
      Those who do not meet these requirements will be automatically excluded from the evaluation and  application
  12. The group or company of Theater, Dance, Circus Arts or other related discipline, when being selected being  the work of authorship of a third party, referring to the theatrical text, the music used or other rights of the  work, must include a certificate about the authorization of use of the intellectual property of the show,  excluding the Organizing Committee of FINTDAZ from any legal and economic responsibility, for concepts of  Copyright.
  13.  The Fintdaz organization will grant Accommodation (In Hotel or / or Hostel, depending on the financial  resources that the organization manages for this purpose, at the time of the festival in Double and Triple  Rooms), Food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ) and Internal Transfer for all the artists attending the meeting,  understood as internal transport: Transfer or Taxis, Diego Aracena Airport – Iquique // Iquique – Diego Aracena  Airport. And transfers, round trip, to the different Localities and / or Cities where their functions are scheduled  (On-site Works).
  14. The organizing committee will subsidize with Tickets, (Tickets) or Air or Land Passes, as appropriate, to all  selected companies (according to the number of members referred to the face-to-face works format), from:  Santiago de Chile – Iquique // Iquique – Santiago de Chile and, exceptionally from their place of origin to,  groups from countries bordering Chile, such as: Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Groups from other countries, other than those indicated in the previous point, must manage their flight tickets  from their place of origin to Santiago de Chile.
  15. Each artistic group must assume the costs of transportation to and from their places of origin (Basically  referring to International Companies from countries not bordering Chile and those nationals that reside in  regions other than the metropolitan one). As well as all cargo brought by them (Scenography, Excess Baggage,  Etc).
  16. Each group attending the meeting should be willing to share their theatrical and / or dance experiences  and / or other related disciplines, with their peers attending the meeting and with the community in general.  The applicant may offer free Clinical Workshops, Talks, Workshops, which will be scheduled according to the  length of stay of the selected or invited company, within the framework of the festival (If any workshop is  offered, the applicant company must attach said program as an annexed antecedent). 
  17. All the works submitted, either in person or digital format, will be evaluated by a team of professionals (3  people), related to the performing arts, who will weigh the evaluation of one of the works with marks from 1  to 7, leaving Pre – selected for a second evaluation process the works that have a minimum grade of 5.5, these  go to the second phase and final selection, where the Executive Directorate together with its advisory team,  determine the works to be selected, from among the best evaluated and whose grades will range from 5.5 to  grade 7, applying criteria such as: Quality and impact of the assembly, number of people traveling, feasibility  of adapting the assembly to different scenarios, open or closed, room or street, technical complexity, among  other aspects, referring mainly to face-to-face works. In the case of the works that apply for digital cycles in  these, the evaluation will focus on the quality of the montage, impact of the topics covered, quality of the  recording, sound quality, among other aspects.
  18. Once the artistic groups have been selected, they will be sent a Formal Letter of Invitation to the 14th  International Festival of Theater and Dance ANTIFAZ / FINTDAZ 2021, in addition, the invited group when  confirming their participation in the event, must attach a Letter of Responsibility from the group against  Copyright (As indicated in point 12).
  19. Each selected group must comply with an Official Presentation in Iquique, one or two in length, meaning  by this, make presentations outside the city of Iquique, communes and / or rural towns, where the number of  spectators can go from 05 to 100 and more people.
  20. For in-person works the arrival and withdrawal of the event will be scheduled, it is worth deciding, each  group must arrive at FINTDAZ 2021 according to an Arrivals and Withdrawals Program, established by the  organizing committee and that will be elaborated on the basis of the Presentations Program per day. This  arrival will be communicated to the selected group up to 90 days before the date of its completion. 
  21. The festival DOES NOT CONTEMPLATE any type of INSURANCE: Accidents, Illnesses, Theft or others, so  each group must anticipate and assume these eventualities, which are totally beyond the control of the  organizers.
  22. The Organizing Commission reserves the right to deliver distinctions and / or special awards to those  groups and / or artists that stand out in any scenic line.


Mr. Abraham Sanhueza López, General Director, 14th. INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THEATER AND DANCE  ANTIFAZ / FINTDAZ 2021. Iquique, Tarapacá region, Chile,


IMPORTANT: The reception of the information will be from July 8 to November 30, 2020 (Groups: National and International). The selected groups will be informed of the election up to 120 days after  the closing of the call. 


Organizing Commission FINTDAZ
Project under the Law of Cultural Donations
Government of Chile